Vintage Finds : A Tin Sign

I love vintage finds. If I could  spend every day scouring antique markets I would. On a recent excursion I found this vintage tin sign with a sweet quote handwritten in gold ink across it. I walked past a booth and it caught my eye, but being the end of the day and having bought too many things already I passed. I walked away, but this voice in my head kept telling me I needed to go back and bargain a bit so I could add it to my collection. I am always inspired by pieces that are unique and hand-touched. I always wonder who owned it, who took the time to write that down on that particular piece of metal and where did it hang? Did it hang in a public place where it was seen by people every day and hopefully reminded them of the beauty in the world or did it hang in the kitchen of a family who did there best to live a life that did just that. I love antiques because even if the story is lost along the way the piece inspires us to wonder and imagine and create a new story to share.Metal Sign

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