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Happy New Year!

January 17

Courtney, Ella and Dave Scowby

I know I am late! Late to say Happy New Year! Actually really late to even say Merry Christmas. I somehow managed to step away from work a little bit and spend some long overdue time with lots of friends and family during the holidays. Believe me there was still work. Lots of meetings with potential 2012 clients, wrapping up all the loose ends for the year and making plans for all the big things ahead. Every year I struggle with resolutions. I can never narrow it down. I dream big when it comes to change…..sometimes it seems too big. I learned last year that dreams can never be too big. You just have to break them down….baby steps! So I’ve been baby stepping my way into the New Year focusing on finding balance in the way life all comes together. I have a lot of fun projects to share in the next few weeks – Ella turned 3 (I can’t believe it!) and planning her birthday party every year is so much fun. This year was all about bugs! This family photo was taken by the AMAZING Natalie Norton (follow her blog, it will change your life). All in all 2011 was a year of growth, discovery and new found friends…..2012 will be a year of big dreams, family, friendships, and focusing on putting in place all the things I have learned that are necessary to living the life I have imagined. The biggest lesson of all….Slow down! Take it all in! And then jump! (or dance….that is always good for the soul).