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Oh Happy Day!

October 5

Ten months ago I sat in a room with 27 amazing women (and Mike – lucky guy!) at Making Things Happen. This, for me was a life-changing experience that will be in my mind daily pushing me towards being a better version of myself. I have been blessed to do what I love every day and spend time surrounded by wonderful friends and family, but at the end of it I must admit there was a lot of room for improvement. This year has been all about focus, restructuring, changing and learning how to live a full life. I have had several years of amazing clients and projects, built wonderful industry relationships and forged friendships that bring me so much joy. In March I began the journey of discovering why I do what I do and how I can do it best. I love paper, I love my clients, I love being challenged to create something new that adds to the amazingness of that one perfect day. Who better to help me discover the direction to head than Lara Casey, Emily Ley and Cathy Olson. These women have helped me to build something remarkable that perfectly represents me and my business.

It started with exploration and pretty pictures (my favorite things!) – I gave them this inspiration board which represents the feeling of joy, happiness, brightness and love that I want everyone to experience from Brightly Designed.

Everyone always says “you’re a graphic designer can’t you do that for yourself?” but for me it was too close to home and I needed someone to help me step back and look at not only what I wanted in a logo or brand, but what I wanted in my life. After more discovery and countless hours it all came together in this perfect package….

Followed by my least favorite thing – pictures of me! Thank you, thank you  Audra Rene for your hair and makeup magic. And of course the photos had to be by the amazing Suzanne Hansen of Shewanders Photography. This amazing woman has been here for me through this entire journey encouraging me every step of the way. Her heart is so full and her love for life is contagious!

All of these amazing new relationships I have built have helped me ground myself to get ready to run into a future filled with fabulous clients, growing friendships, and a life filled with love and laughter. These women have challenged me to step up, face my fears head on and jump in – having a team to share this journey with has made all the difference in the world. I’m so thrilled to have this shiny new platform by Making Brands Happen and Love-Inspired to share my work – there is so much of it that you haven’t seen and so many more exciting things ahead!